Family Law

Our firm strives to resolve family law cases as effectively and efficiently as possible. The types of family law matters that our firm handles are: no contest divorces and legal name changes.


No Contest Divorce

A divorce does not have to be long–term costly ordeal if you and your spouse can agree on two primary areas: how to divide property and how to resolve any child-related matters regarding children.  This is what is known as a no contest divorce.  This type of divorce typically moves swiftly through the courts and is less complex, costly and stressful. AOM can help you obtain a no contest divorce.


Legal Name Changes

Changing your name legally is not a difficult or expensive matter with Arrington, Oduola-Owoo & Mason P.C.  We can obtain a court-ordered name change that will allow you to change your name on all governmental and financial records. Make sure that your identity history is legally connected to your new name with AOM.